Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tibicos Mushroom Side Effects


Often when a group of seven people gathered around a table in a kitchen of a certain apartment located in a certain area of Genoa (who said washing?) Can give the best (or worse) self- . Speaking (and fuckin 'around) we found, although living far apart, not being able to hear more of the same "noise" unbearable from neighbors (or rompiglioni others) and eventually we got it.
Have you ever noticed, or you "stressed out from neighbors that when encountered in the above case, they look at you strangely?
is because they have it and you do not.
But now you can even wink at them, as if to say I have it too, you think?
What? You say. KIT
But, of course!
know, it's easy to overlook the existence of the kit if you are like us, those who never open to anyone, not even if the police are in the middle of the night telling you that they set fire to your car ...
In fact, the only object that must be purchased from the sellers door to door is just that: KIT!
When you answer the intercom, then, henceforth, not uscitevene immediately with a "I do not care" or unhappy with a few sentences on female relatives of 'sti poor or even worse language. You respond by saying: it is for the kit? If you answer yes, buy it with my eyes closed and you have solved all your problems with VMDP (Neighbours harassment Profession).
Now you too can become like them.

The kit includes:
- a bag of marbles, to be spilled, any time of day or night, with a casual movement of the hand.
- three narrow pipes steel from rest on the ground and to move strongly forward and backward with your hand (the more adventurous and athletic can stand on it, once supported the pipes on the ground, and make the movement with the feet).
- a solid wood table to move at times that suit you, making him crawl (it's FORBIDDEN to put the pads down, otherwise you will not reach the goal).
- a mobile , or any other object that can simulate the function , in order to reproduce the experiment of gravity. Or take the object with one hand (or both, for the less powerful), lift until it succeeds, and then let it fall to the ground (the crash must be dry).
And finally:
- the LP or CD of Rimmel F. Degregorio , to be strictly blaring (to delight the ears of your neighbors, you will love the madness).

Once in possession of the kit does not get more strange looks from neighbors in the elevator, but winks at mo 'to: "He's got you too, eh?" And you can:
- or to make facciazza Earl
- wink or a mo 'to: "I have, I do."
Come on, what are you waiting? Go and buy: KIT. For months

il kit


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